The New LEED Trust

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The New LEED Trust is an NGO working in the field of education for underprivileged and economically backward people in India. The meaning of LEED is Liberation, Education, Economic Development.

The New LEED Trust is functioning from the year 1991 and is registered as a charitable trust (Regd. No. 934/2000, 12AA Income Tax act1961)

At present The New LEED Trust is working in the slum community of Thiruvalluvar Nagar in Perungudi in Chennai, which is near to Perungudi Railway station. 



Perungudi is a widespread slum that mainly displaced underprivileged communities from various parts of the city due to various development programs. This urban slum is located nearby Perungudi railway station and it exists for more than 50 years. The local name for this area is “Kallukuttai” which consists of more than 20000 families.


This area has no proper basic facilities such as roads, toilets, water, schools, colleges, hospitals, and medical shops. This area has 5 tea and snack shops, 1 electrical and building hardware shops, a mosque and a temple. Most of the houses are huts made of recycling materials. 

The streets are difficult to be used even during a small rain. The majority of the people are working in an unorganized sector such as construction, domestic maid, housekeeping, security agency, etc. Illiteracy, alcohol addiction, unemployment, and child marriage are some of the social problems in this area. This area does not have proper streets and water facilities which makes the people depend on private water suppliers. 


In the Perungudi center, we opened a small library for youths and children where they can read and study after school. 




Basket Making
Women are showing an interest in income-generating programs. In association with "Thalir", they supply handwoven baskets produced from recycled LDPE (Low-Denisty Polyethylene) and earn their wages.


Tailoring Center
Many women are interested in learning tailoring and embroidery skills. This training will enable them to learn a new skill and help them to become more self-reliant. 


LEED Medicare Center
The neighbourhood would receive medical assistance thanks to this Medicare centre. With the help of well-wishers, a Medicare facility was established in Perungudi Kallukuttai on July 1st, 2015. This LEED Medicare Center is open in the evenings on six days a week starting at 7:00 PM thanks to the dedicated support of Dr. Sudhanraj P.P. and team.


Awareness Programs
Awareness Programs for children, adolescent, youth, and women groups on various topics like health, hygiene, communicable & non-communicable diseases, child rights, women’s rights, blood donation, alcohol and drug addiction, environment, etc. The purpose behind the program is to make the people aware of their rights, duties, availability of welfare schemes and treatment on health issues, the importance of timely medical help and proper understanding of medicine.